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Our services are of great benefit in enhancing our clients’ quality of life. Clients report thinking more clearly, being less oppressed by stress and anxiety, handling relationships better, and experiencing greatly diminished post-trauma symptoms and general improvements in overall health and well-being.

Results and Testimonials

“I have known Patricia Arnold for several years, and quickly came to know, trust, and value her unique approach to counselling. Over the years I have referred several patients to her and recommended her to several friends, and their response has been uniform: profound gratitude. Patricia has extensive training and experience and uses this deftly in a very individualized (as opposed to formulaic) way. She has an uncanny ability to forge a very personal yet professional relationship with the individuals she counsels, and addresses their concerns in a respectful way that honours them as a whole person. Over the years I have referred patients who have been reluctant or fearful of counselling and friends who have been reluctant to acknowledge that their lives might be helped by counselling. With Patricia they became comfortable and confident in talking about their concerns, and were able to address issues that they had previously avoided. Patricia is one of my most valued and trusted resources, and I am honoured to recommend her.”
Brian M. Cornelson, MD, CCFP
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of Toronto

“I began going to Patricia after receiving a referral from a friend who had experienced amazing results through working with her. I had realized my life was at a stand-still. I had experienced some traumatic events and thought that I had it under control – that they wouldn’t affect me – until a couple of years later my life seemed dark. Everything seemed too difficult. All of my dreams and goals were too much to even think about and I didn’t want to be around anyone. After a few weeks of working with Patricia I began seeing a difference in my overall demeanor. True, I had a lot of work ahead of me, but I felt like I finally found what I needed to get through all the layers that were bogging me down. The environment was comfortable and encouraging, but real. Patricia impressed me with recognizing instantly how to work with me, for me. No judgement. Her ability to explain what and why I was going through the feelings and emotions I was experiencing was awe-inspiring and invigorating. I was finally beginning to understand myself, someone I had known all my life, but never really knew. Every session she tunes into me and my energy field, reads me, supports me and helps me to discover and actually become conscious of what I am feeling and how to make it work for me – no one else. My life, in every aspect has improved incredibly – and the transformation started quickly, but has been a journey that will continue. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Since, I have recommended her to friends and they are all experiencing very similar, miraculous, results.”
– LHQ, Toronto

“I approached the idea of counselling with a heavy air of skepticism, given my belief that the field was one step removed from the pseudo-scientific practice of therapeutic psychoanalysis and its reliance on chemical substances as a curative medium. Having seen so many glaring misdiagnoses with children with whom I had worked in the past, I felt my skepticism was, at least in good part, justified.
In a welcome departure from this stereotype, Patricia’s practice has been infinitely more affirming and gently investigatory – she acts more as a guide than as a medical practitioner, although she possesses all the best qualities of investigator, professional and sage and, in my view, is fully qualified to offer a psychological assessment of a patient or client.
The best and most accurate way to categorize my work with Patricia is as a traveler, exploring the metaphysical world through a variety of techniques ranging from a comparative view of various philosophical tenets to emotional introspection, verbal expurgation and spiritual analysis. There have been occasions where even my skeptical self was taken aback by the almost prescient manner in which Patricia elucidated concepts, feelings, and energies. I have been pleasantly frustrated from time to time when I feel as though she is thinking several steps ahead of me, because she has already seen the underlying reason behind a series of emotions, but, instead of proffering the key to the puzzle, led me through the stages to draw the conclusions of my own power. These are all moments when one steps back, pauses, and recognizes that a fundamental change has been made in oneself. These are the epiphanic moments.
Ultimately, Patricia’s road is one for the willing, although she will make a quick convert out of even the thickest-skinned cynic. Those who decide to embark on this wonderful journey should truly recognize a need for change as well as possess a passion for discovery, and they shall not leave unrewarded.”
– KK, Toronto
“I have been a client of Patricia Arnold for the past three years. This was during a time in my life when I was dealing with the threat of being downsized and found myself struggling with self-doubt and feelings of insecurity about my future. Friends who knew Patricia’s skills recommended her to help with stress reduction and because of my comfort with her I decided to continue in Philosophical Counselling.
As a therapist I have an interest and faith in the power of self-reflection. The impact of childhood loss long ago awakened in me an awareness of the vulnerability of the psyche to traumatic events. In my adult life I see how old belief systems created as a result of trauma can impact the ability to make wise and healthy choices – to meet one’s personal potential.
I am particularly impressed with Patricia’s comfort and skill working at a variety of levels, how attuned she is to the energy of others, her understanding of the impact of trauma, her ability to draw upon a variety of modalities and her intelligent pacing of the work, which I have found challenging, respectful and hopeful.
In those moments when values, meaning and purpose underlie our exploration Patricia has drawn upon her skills in Philosophical Counselling to deepen the level of questioning: to revisit and re-think assumptions with a sense of curiosity. Her skills allow her to engage creatively and thoughtfully in this exploration. The opportunity to question with someone who is competent in this kind of exploration is challenging and inspiring. My self-awareness and acceptance have increased remarkably as a result and I also see a positive impact on my responses to the stresses of daily life.
I am happy to provide this information on our work together and I trust that Patricia will make a valuable contribution to your treatment community.”
– PDW, Psychiatric, Nurse Ontario

“To Whom It May Concern:
I am an artist and an entrepreneur, I am in the process of launching my first business.
I feel very lucky to have Patricia on my team. Her insightful advice is grounded in experience; she manges her own business and has guided many others towards their success. Patricia offers more than business coaching however. Her extensive training gives her unique insight into emotional issues surrounding financial and artistic success. The combination enables Patricia to assist an individual in creating and following through a practical plan to achieve their goals, while addressing any problems or setbacks with deep understanding, empathy and compassion. I have no reservations in recommending Patricia’s services to anyone who is committed to making their dreams a reality, even if they are lost as to how to begin. Her advice and support have made an invaluable contribution to my business and my life.”
– J.E., Toronto