Photo by Ellie Yannis

The Mind-Body Healing Centre provides Philosophical Counselling and support services to a diverse range of Canadians, from high-profile individuals and professionals to teenagers and under-privileged individuals.

About the Centre

Medical and therapeutic professionals have long acknowledged the effectiveness of our counselling services. We have had great success working with post-traumatic stress, sexual abuse, anxiety disorders, depression, sexuality & identity crisis, sexual disfunction, couples counselling and psychological disorders.


The Centre is run by therapeutic practitioner and philosopher, Patricia Arnold, and builds on more than fourteen years of her practical and theoretical experience. Since the Mind-Body Healing Centre began, hundreds of clients have benefited from her unique and exceptional holistic approach to counselling and therapy. Clients have exhibited dramatic improvements in their overall well-being, health and healing.


“I honour and investigate with my clients their sense of self and identity by way of guided self-reflection. I don’t value pathologizing the challenges of life; rather life’s challenges are simply a part of living and much can be learned from true challenges. I value honest self reflection as a means to self empowerment and health and that is what I think sets this work apart from traditional medical or psycho-analytic models of understanding human experiences.”

Patricia Arnold


The therapeutic approach used is not so much positive-thinking based, rather based on values of learning and investigation for the purposes of reflecting and locating individual autonomy and abilities. Because each client is different and has distinct needs, the therapeutic approach is adapted to their individual world-view. We meet the client where they are at but we also push and inspire them to better and better levels of being and thinking. We value the client’s individual values and, in some cases, help them get clear about what their values are.


Our approach acknowledges and works with the current research that verifies the science behind mind- body medicine. For example, we recognize and work with the fact that the body holds trauma until it is released by the body, as well as the mind. And, we recognize, that confronting negative core beliefs and thinking patterns can in turn affect emotions and attitudes. So we work with a number of holistic, psychotherapeutic, and Philosophical Counselling modalities to bring about authentic and deep change.